Tolls and payments

Electronic tolling

The Eastern Distributor is a fully electronic toll road with no cash booths.  To pay, you'll need an electronic tag or an electronic pass. 

You can organise your payment before you travel or up to 3 days after your first trip.

If you're just visiting Sydney, or only need to use the Eastern Distributor once or twice, we recomend a pass. 

Otherwise, we recommend a tag which covers you for travel on any toll road in Australia and is the best option for regular travel.

If you are paying with a tag it should be in your vehicle at the time of travel, mounted according to the provider's instructions. You may be charged an extra fee when using the Eastern Distributor without carrying a tag, without a tag correctly mounted or if your account has insufficient funds at the time of travel.  Click here to find out how to avoid fees. 


At electronic toll points the tag emits a beep or series of beeps. Click here to check what beeps mean.

Paying the toll more than 3 days after travel

If you didn't arrange to pay the toll within 3 days, an image of your licence plate will be recorded and the registered owner of the vehicle will be issued a Toll Notice that includes the toll plus a $10 administration fee in the first instance. If a toll notice is not paid a fine may be issued.

How to pay a toll notice

Click here to be transferred to a secure website to make the payment online.

By phone:
Call 1300 138 107.

By mail:
Return the payment slip to Airport Motorway Limited, Locked Bag 5072 Parramatta NSW 2124 with your payment for the total amount due. Please make cheques or money orders payable to Airport Motorway Limited.

Toll prices

A toll is charged for use of the Eastern Distributor in the northbound direction only.

From 1 October 2015, the toll (including GST) will be $6.61 for cars* or $13.23 for any other vehicle.

*Cars are defined as:
(a) motor vehicles under 2.8 metres in height with two or less axles; and
(b) motor vehicles under 2.0 metres in height with three or less axles.

The definition of 'cars' includes motorcycles.

Other vehicles are any vehicle not defined as a car.


Toll Notice Administration Fee: $10.00 for each toll notice if you don't have an electronic tag account, or $1.10 for each toll notice if you elect to transfer the toll to an electronic tag account.

No Tag Fee: If you have an electronic tag account and travel on the Eastern Distributor without a tag, or without the tag being correctly installed, your account will be charged a 'no tag fee' of $0.55 per trip.

E-tag replacements

E-tag replacements for active Roam Express Accounts can now be processed at the Cross City Tunnel office. For more information cal 137 626 or visit the Cross City Tunnel office at 131 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo.